Chloë Grysole is an Emmy-award nominated visual effects leader with more than 20 years as a VFX producer and business manager. As Managing Director of Framestore from its Montreal base, Chloë is overseeing an exciting phase of development at the creative studio, which recently celebrated five years in operation, and has taken a full slate of upcoming projects in film, virtual reality and immersive entertainment.
A native Montrealer, Chloë was a founding member of Meteor Studios, one of the city’s first visual effects studios. In 2008, she relocated to London, joining Cinesite as their first freelance VFX Production Executive for the hugely successful Harry Potter franchise, most notably on the two-part blockbuster conclusion, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Part 2. Having received an Emmy nomination for her work on HBO Films’ production Into The Storm, Chloë went on to help produce the visual effects on the critically acclaimed film Skyfall, before joining Framestore to oversee the VFX-heavy Edge of Tomorrow.
In 2014, Chloë rejoined Cinesite as General Manager, establishing a Montreal facility and shepherding the growth of the studio as it became the group’s largest talent hub. During her tenure, she successfully oversaw the production of Amazon’s American Gods series, and VFX-driven pictures including Assassin’s Creed and Academy Award-nominated The Revenant. Now returned to Framestore, Chloe’s extensive production management experience and her passion for fostering excellence will be used to uphold the creative studio’s high standards across an increasingly diverse portfolio of work.

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