Effects Montreal 2020 Has Announced

Effects Montreal

Join the thousands of participants from the VFX and animation industries and seize the rare opportunity of meeting 2D/3D artists, business developers, and producers from all over the globe in June 2020 on the North American East Coast. The overwhelming success of Effects 19 with almost 2000 participants, 50 exhibitors and sponsors, a myriad of erudite speakers, and 56 sessions is a testament to the quality of this event that’s even more ambitious in 2020.

As a student, you can broaden your horizons by connecting with the top performs of the field that will be present in Effects 2020. There are 5 sessions and 10 masterclasses, through which you can garner a ton of information, elevating your knowledge and honing your skills. If you’re on the lookout for business and sponsorship opportunities, Effects Montreal 2020 is right up your alley. First off, there couldn’t be a better place to showcase your products as there’s a wide range of professionals and students interested in what you present. Second, you can put the word out about your brand, demonstrating your capability in the industry and absorbing your top targets such as the prospect partners and potential recruits. Further, you can make connections and build a network of relationships within the industry. And finally, you can celebrate your community of artists, employees and/or users, reinforcing the connections and increasing popularity.

Effects Montreal 2020 is laden with opportunities for all sorts of people seeking different goals. To get the most out of the event while being cost-efficient, you should consider our Super Early Bird offer that gives you roughly 20% discount. You should hurry up if you want the best bang for your buck as the Super Early Bird offer expires on February 27. For further information on the offers and sponsorship details, you can download our catalog here