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Career & Diversity Expo Session Panel


Date : Tuesday, June 4th - 15.00 - 16.00 > Room B

Come discover and be inspired by the academic and professional background of Fabrice Vienne, CG supervior at Rodeo FX who participated in many movies such as Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Birdman and the tv show Games of thrones, of Fanny Berthiaume concept artist and illustrator who contributed in movies such as beauty and the best, X-Men: Apocalypse and Jean-Marc Vallée's Wild, of Gabriel Giroux-Veilleux, Senior Character Animator from Framestore who participated in the creation of Paddington 2 and Warner's Jungle Book and of Jasmina Vasquez-Carmel, Layout / Light Artist from Digital Dimension.

Organizer : Pôle Image Québec
Animator-moderator: Anne Le Bouyonnec,
: Fabrice Vienne, Fanny Berthiaume, Gabriel Giroux-Veilleux, Jasmina Vasquez-Carmel
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Anne Le Bouyonnec (GSM Project) Fabrice Vienne (Rodeo FX) Fanny Berthiaume (Freelance) Gabriel Giroux-Veilleux (Framestore) Jasmina Vasquez-Carmel (Digital Dimension)