speaker Micro Creating the Ideal Learning Environment in the Workplace
Career & Diversity Expo Session Panel

Creating the Ideal Learning Environment in the Workplace

Date : Tuesday, June 4th - 13.30 - 14.30 > Room B

What is the biggest challenge for companies working in creative fields? Talent. Finding, developing, and retaining the best people in a host of highly specialised roles. What can be done to address this problem? Education, training, artistic development - all kinds of learning opportunities in the workplace. Artist and technicians want to improve in their craft and be inspired at work. A work environment that supplies a rich learning environment, with an array of classes, lectures and other learning resources, will attract and retain the best talent. This talk will highlight the challenges of attracting and retaining talent and propose training and education in the workplace as central to the solution. A variety of successful examples of approaches for achieving this will be shown.
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Eric Labranche (Rodeo FX) Carlos Miras Sepulveda (DNEG) Fortunato Frattasio (Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects) Andrew Schlussel (Framestore) Jennifer Klotz (Technicolor) Marie-Claude Chauvette (Cinesite)