speaker Micro Predictive Analytics, and its Impact on Cloud Rendering in VFX
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Predictive Analytics, and its Impact on Cloud Rendering in VFX Cloud Rendering has finally become an economically viable production option, but how are we learning from the vast amounts of data being driven into the cloud, and its relative impact on schedules and budgets? Must each studio go at it alone and learn from months or even years of trial and error? And how do they roll these learnings in for accurate upfront bid estimation? In this discussion, we will explore the foundations of cloud computing in the industry, and how this experience is uncovering rich data-driven insights, and dynamic decision-making for studios. We’ll analyze the impacts of design complexity, studio location, and time of day/week on render cost, as well as their influence on overall production. Leveraging the lowest cost compute in the cloud efficiently is key, so we’ll review how we’re automating this real-time analysis, and what it means for VFX workflows, moving forward. From local, to hybrid, and eventual cloud-first methodologies, this will be a step-by-step instruction guide for the decisions required to ensure your projects are always on-time and under budget.


Mac Moore (Conductor Technologies)