speaker Micro Producing VFX from both sides (Client and Vendor)
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Producing VFX from both sides (Client and Vendor)

Date : Wednesday, June 5th - 15.00 - 16.00 > Room 2

Producing VFX is about managing expectations and delivering great work. Directors, Producers, Art Directors, Cinematographers... A lot of people want to have a say in the process and how you work as a producer to ensure happy clients and stable budgets can be tricky. As a VFX vendor producer it can be challenging to manage expectations at the tail end of the pipeline and as a client producer it's also challenging to organize massive amounts of data while the decision making process is still most likely "fluid". Working on both sides of the fence changed how I approach all of it, from planning to breakdowns and turnover to approvals, the talk will explore how you can adapt your workflow to ensure a great result whichever side you find yourself working on. Talk points will include:
  • Prepping breakdowns for on set needs
  • Managing the dataflow while onset
  • Organizing bidding information and choosing vendors to bid
  • Organizing turnovers in a VFX friendly way
  • Managing the review process (from both perspectives)
  • Managing the approval process (from both perspectives)

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Natasha Francis (Pixomondo)