speaker Micro RenderMan 22 | The Latest & Greatest from Pixar (Sponsored)
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RenderMan 22 | The Latest & Greatest from Pixar (Sponsored)

Date : Wednesday, June 5th - 13.30 - 14.30 > Room A

Come see cutting-edge features for lighting and look development in the latest version of RenderMan 22. Pixar’s Dylan Sisson will show how these features are being used on Pixar’s feature films, including breakdowns from Toy Story 4. Learn about Pixar's latest release, RenderMan 22.5, which includes the new RenderMan for Houdini plugin, a complete rewrite. During live demonstrations, you’ll see this technology in action, along with an update of Pixar’s upcoming XPU Project, an innovative effort to harness GPUs for production VFX. Today, RenderMan is capable of delivering exceptional quality for any sized production, and RenderMan is helping to build better pipelines with support for Pixar's USD (Universal Scene Description). Learn for yourself how easy it is to useRenderMan on your own projects with Free Non-Commercial RenderMan. Come check it out ... and a few lucky people will leave with RenderMan Walking Teapots!
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Dylan Sisson (Pixar Animation Studios)