Fanny began her career as a model maker, animator and illustrator for various productions. While completing studies in visual effects, she joined the team of Raynault VFX and contributes to the creation of environments and matte paintings for famous productions such as Beauty and the Beast, X-Men: Apocalypse and Wild from Jean-Marc Vallée. She then pursued her career at Digital Dimension where she acted as a concept artist on several animated TV shows  (Zafari, Mike Mighty, Improbable Pirate Adventures, etc.). In January 2019, she began a career as a concept artist and illustrator.

Fanny Berthiaume sessions

Tuesday, June 4th

Come discover and be inspired by the academic and professional background of Fabrice Vienne, CG supervior at Rodeo FX who participated in many movies such as Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Birdman and the tv show Games of thrones, of Fanny Berthiaume concept artist and illustrator who contributed in movies such as beauty and the best, X-Men: […]