Currently a lead animator at Framestore Montreal, Gabriel has been fascinated by anything 3D related since he was 13 when he first learned the existence of 3ds Max 1.0 through his dad’s IT. Learning through the tutorials provided with the software, his first project was three heads rolling in a puddle of blood. The first 3D animation that got him hooked to the world of 3D animation was an obscure crash test dummies short made in 1993. From animating heads that were basically spheres to animating complex CG animals, Gabriel started his education by going to College Édouard-Montpetit where he learned he wanted to be an animator while studying in Multimedia.


Not having reached a good enough level for animation, he started as a FX and lighting artist at Digital Dimension where he met a lot of inspiring people. After seeing all these animators having so much fun and seeing inspiring dailies sessions, his passion for animation grew stronger and he decided to go to UQAT to study in 3D Creations. There he learned to become a better animator. After his studies he finally landed his first job as an animator at Mokko Studios on a French TV Show for kids. That was the beginning of his career as an animator.


His studies weren’t done yet though! While working in London, UK, Gabriel decided to take a class at iAnimate to further his animation skills and level up in the industry. It helped him get a job at Mikros in Montreal on a really cute movie called Mune. His loved one being in London still, he had to go back and start a career in VFX. Having started in MPC Montreal, he got transferred to London to work on Disney’s Jungle Book. That was the start of a new passion for VFX work. He went on from there to work at Weta on War of the Planet of the Apes and then onto ILM Singapore to work on Transformers V and Ready Player One to finally come back to Montreal to be closer to his family and friends and undertake new responsabilities here at Framestore where he’s been for a year now, loving the people and the work, having just finished some animation on Detective Pikachu!

Gabriel Giroux-Veilleux sessions

Tuesday, June 4th

Come discover and be inspired by the academic and professional background of Fabrice Vienne, CG supervior at Rodeo FX who participated in many movies such as Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Birdman and the tv show Games of thrones, of Fanny Berthiaume concept artist and illustrator who contributed in movies such as beauty and the best, X-Men: […]