Natasha Francis is a veteran of VFX working in the industry since the early 1990’s. She is currently working as the Executive producer and Head of Studio of the new Montreal office of Pixomondo. Previous experience includes working studio side on such shows as “Counterpart” (season 2) Seth Macfarlane’s space series “The Orville” (season 1). She was nominated for an Emmy for her work on “Cosmos a Space Time Odyssey” (season 1) and working vendor side on award winning films such as “Hugo”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “The Golden Compass”.

Natasha Francis sessions

Producing VFX from both sides (Client and Vendor)
Wednesday, June 5th

Producing VFX is about managing expectations and delivering great work. Directors, Producers, Art Directors, Cinematographers… A lot of people want to have a say in the process and how you work as a producer to ensure happy clients and stable budgets can be tricky. As a VFX vendor producer it can be challenging to manage […]

As a Studio, how do you choose your VFX vendor?
Tuesday, June 4th

The nature of the VFX decision makers panel is to discuss the process and partnerships between the Studios who “buy” VFX and the vendors who create “sell” the VFX. Understanding how Studios select their VFX partners, creating a trusting relationship, mitigate their risk and sometimes reallocate resources in the purpose of this discussion which will […]