With more than 20 years in the visual effects industry, Nathalie has acquired significant experience as a Senior Compositor (Star Wars 3, Chronicles of Narnia, Happy Feet, Iron Man 1, Transformers, Harry Potter), and as a Compositing Supervisor at ILM on Transformers The Ride: Ultimate 3D Battle for Universal Studios Theme Parks – winner of a VES Award. Nathalie has many years of experience collaborating on outstanding and extensive visual effects shots. Today, she runs Cinesite’s 2D department in Montreal.

As a Compositing Supervisor and VFX Supervisor at Frima and Volta for several years, Nathalie has completed several VFX and Feature Animation projects during her prominent career. As a HOD for Compositing and Roto/Paint department, Nathalie has achieved significant new challenges in the past year: working closely with the department supervisors to optimize and improve workflows and tools, recruiting, bidding and training artists. Leading the Compositing and Roto/Paint team has driven her to success in the very fast growing industry of visual effects.

Nathalie Girard sessions

Streaming services: executing with a new collaborative approach to create VFX content.
Wednesday, June 5th

The last five to 10 years have seen considerable change in the visual effects industry. Ever increasing demands for high quality visuals: VFX and animated movies, in addition to high quality visual video games topping box offices and sales charts worldwide. The current golden age of television with the likes of HBO. However, probably the […]