With an academic background combining visual arts, graphic design and 2D/3D animation, Nicolas Alexandre started his career in the animation industry almost 20 years ago. As a young 3D generalist, he soon discovered a passion for lighting. After a few years leading teams on major animation projects, Nicolas Alexandre went back to university to develop his project management skills. He then spent 10 years at Hybride, a Ubisoft division, working as a VFX and CG supervisor. Nicolas is also the co-founder of the VFX management program at NAD in Montreal (UQAC), where he finds interest in sharing his expertise with new talents.

Nicolas Alexandre Noël sessions

With PerBlue’s help, how we got world famous characters to get makeovers!

Finding a fresh new look on world famous characters from well established brand is not an easy task. Maintaining the correct balance between the essence of the brands and our very own twist is key. Here is how we applied our special recipe to create the game’s cinematic trailer, positively surprising our client along the […]