As Studio Manager for Mikros Animation Montréal, Nicolas Delval supervises the operations and works closely with the creative directors and producers on projects such as the new SpongeBob movie (Tim Hill, 2020) and Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (Richard Lanni, 2018).
A graduate from Engineering and Business Schools, Nicolas is a solution maker who still cultivates his original passion for storytelling and the power of image.
Prior to joining Mikros Animation, Nicolas worked in the independent movie industry then as a VFX producer for Buf and Framestore.

Nicolas Delval sessions

Asterix - The Secret of the Magic Potion: Anatomy of a Gallic village
Tuesday, June 4th

Immerse yourself in the heart of a Gallic village and explore the trade secrets of the feature film “Asterix – The Secret of the Magic Potion”, made at Mikros Animation Paris. Through the analysis of a sequence, the presentation will cover the following themes: – how to produce a 3D road movie – a new […]