I have over 20 years of experience managing development teams in Europe and North America. After cutting my engineering teeth in the competitions of the European Demo Scene, I honed my skill set in the multimedia and post-production industries in Paris, and later in the video game industries in California, Vancouver and Montreal. Over the course of my career I have worked on over 20 interactive products, more than 10 video games and 5 film projects, leaving me with a unique breadth of experience that runs the gamut of digital media.

Pierre Blaizeau sessions

A simple concept is no low-hanging fruit. Dive into the essence of cinematic VR and find out how its key principles translate to interactive AR & MR experiences.
Wednesday, June 5th

Felix & Paul Studios is a home for storytellers and explorers. While the cinematographic language has been a quintessential element in delivering visually compelling content, the realms of immersive media require unlearning some of that language and extracting its codes in honour of a new era of storytelling. Follow the award-winning studio’s journey through Cinematic […]

Lead greatly! How your leadership style can affect your company culture and efficiency.
Tuesday, June 4th

Leading greatly: We will discuss how your leadership style and decision-making process can affect positively (or negatively), your team’s culture, motivation, retention and happiness. We will talk about how the way you are leading a team can directly affect the quality of the work delivered and the global company culture. All sessions