Automatization: from challenges to solutions for an international VFX studio (sponsored by Foundry)

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Expo Session , Tech & Tools By: Remi Martin, DNEG Romain Bouvard, DNEG

DNEG Montreal’s 2D Compositing Supervisors, Romain Bouvard and Remi Martin, will approach one of the most important challenges within a global facility: how to develop automation that works well with multi-site workflows and how to build tooling for artists that lets them work in a distributed fashion. Through an exploration of practical examples used for […]

Nuke Sneak Peek: What’s coming up in compositing and review from Foundry (sponsored)

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Expo Session , Tech & Tools By: Terry Riyasat, Foundry

Join Terry Riyasat, Foundry’s head of creative services, where he will give you a preview into some of the new features and updates of the upcoming Nuke 12.0 release. As well as a tantalising peek into the latest developments in Nuke and NukeX, you’ll also get to see what’s in store for our review tools: […]

Rocket Science & Rendering: Expanding Capacity for The Expanse (Sponsored)

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room B Categories: Expo Session , Tech & Tools By: Graham Peddie, Rocket Science VFX Damilola Oyero, Rocket Science VFX Stephen Oliver, Amazon Web Services

Rendering a show using GPUs isn’t science fiction. Join Graham Peddie to find out how Rocket Science VFX uses cloud technology to punch above their weight and produce some of the biggest VFX shots on television. From expanding The Expanse, to riding dirty Into The Badlands, Rocket Science finding new ways to create VFX for […]

Scripting with Style

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room 2 Categories: Premium session , Tech & Tools By: Alexander Richter, Dwarf Animation Studio

The most underappreciated points in scripting and tool work are still coding style and UI. Let us explore sexy code you cannot put your hands of and is clear and accessible for collaboration. While we explore how we can communicate the intent of our tools through simple and intuitive UI with PySide. All sessions