A simple concept is no low-hanging fruit. Dive into the essence of cinematic VR and find out how its key principles translate to interactive AR & MR experiences.

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room 1 Categories: AR/VR , Premium session By: Pierre Blaizeau, Felix & Paul Studios

Felix & Paul Studios is a home for storytellers and explorers. While the cinematographic language has been a quintessential element in delivering visually compelling content, the realms of immersive media require unlearning some of that language and extracting its codes in honour of a new era of storytelling. Follow the award-winning studio’s journey through Cinematic […]

Automating FX on Avengers: Endgame

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room 1 Categories: Business and Production , Premium session By: Jeffrey Higgins, Digital Domain

To help realize the VFX work on Avengers: Endgame at Digital Domain a lot of preparation was put into the automation of FX workflows. This helped to make iterating similar effects across similar shots and sequences as easy as possible to free up more artist time for creative rather than technical or otherwise repetitive work. […]

Building breathtaking Creatures from the inside out for VFX

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room 1 Categories: Premium session , VFX By: Gaël Kerchenbaum, freelance

Senior freelance Creature Artist working for companies around the world, Gael will get you through some of his secrets to create hyper-realistic and believable animals. You will be presented with Gael’s naturalist approach of modeling and texturing; building an animal from the inside out while making sure that it fits the high-quality standards of VFX […]

Creating an animated avatar and app for deaf children to learn to read

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room 1 Categories: Animation , Premium session By: Neil Pymer, Aardman Animations Interactive

A breakdown of StorySign, an app created at Aardman with FCB Inferno that aims to teach deaf children to learn how to read. This talk will delve into the challenges around the design, animation and technology that we overcame to make this project a reality     All sessions

Designing from Scratch: How to Shape a Film’s Visual Identity Through VFX

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room 1 Categories: Premium session , VFX By: Ruslan Borysov, Method Studios

Visual effects are an artistic tool for filmmakers, used to create imagery ranging from eye-candy spectacles to work that’s invisible to audiences. VFX artists can also help shape the visual identity of a project, developing or refining concepts with production, and translating loose script descriptions into fully realized designs. With many important storytelling assets executed […]

Dumbo: building Dreamland

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room 1 Categories: Premium session , VFX By: Hubert Maston, Framestore

Hear from VFX Supervisor Hubert Maston on the work that went into building Dreamland, a pivotal environment for Tim Burton’s wonderful live-animation reimagining of the Disney classic.   All sessions

Enhancing VFX on TV shows – From challenges to epic results

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room 1 Categories: Premium session , VFX By: Xavier Lestourneaud, DNEG

DNEG Montreal’s Head of FX Xavier Lestourneaud, recipient of the 2019 VES award for ‘Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Episode’, presents how the team creates high end cinematic effects for TV. Find out how the DNEG crew recreates real parameters (i.e gravity, desintegration) and combines them with VFX to bring intricate sci-fi worlds to life. […]

FIRST MAN: The Production and In-Camera FX of an Epic Biopic

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room 1 Categories: Premium session , VFX By: Michelle Eisenreich, DNEG

DNEG’s work on First Man was focused around trying to create the most realistic and immersive in-camera VFX shots ever seen. Discover how the First Man crew achieved the movie’s cinéma vérité feel by using a blend of visual effects, special effects, NASA archival footage and scaled models to create an authentic 1960’s documentary look. […]

Rodeo FX’s Simulations in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room 1 Categories: Premium session , VFX By: Nicolas Jacques, Rodeo FX Chloé Ostiguy, Rodeo FX

Chloé and Nicolas will reveal the magic behind Rodeo FX’s remarkable work on this feature film. From full CG recreations of Paris, London, and the Harry Potter Ministry of Magic, to highly complex effects simulations for the Obscurus destruction sequence, this presentation details the creative and technical challenges that the Rodeo FX team faced in […]

Swing Behind-the-Scenes of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room 1 Categories: Animation , Premium session By: Joshua Beveridge, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Imageworks was tasked with breaking the rules in order to create a stylized universe and bring the Academy Award®-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to the big screen. From animation to technology, artists were challenged with developing new tools and techniques to create a groundbreaking visual style for this fresh and highly original take on a […]