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“IT:” How To Build A Terrifying Clown

Categories: Premium session , VFX Case Study By: Dominic Piché, Rodeo FX Mikael Damant-Sirois, Rodeo FX

Stephen King’s IT is classic film art and has inspired the imagination of countless people. Andy Muschietti’s 2017 adaptation thus offered an incredible opportunity for the Rodeo FX team to bring to life the iconic Pennywise. In this presentation, Mikael and Dominic explore the process behind the shape-shifting Pennywise, from both the technical and the […]

20 Years of Creativity at DNEG

Categories: Collaboration , Expo Session By: Gavin Graham, DNEG

Gavin Graham will run through some of DNEG’s most well-known milestone projects from founding to today, to examine the creative process and journey that shows how the company went from a boutique facility to one of the world’s biggest. From Pitch Black through award-winning projects like Ex Machina up to today’s biggest achievements like Pacific […]

AI for Graphics and Animation

Categories: Expo Session , Technology By: Rick Grandy, Nvidia

This session will discuss a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) branch known as Deep Learning (DL,) focusing on its application in content creation pipelines. AI is no longer just a research project but a valuable technology that can accelerate labor intensive tasks, giving time and control back to artists. We will start with a brief overview […]

All the recruiter’s secrets – Starting a career in VFX and Animation

Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session By: Pierre-Luc Labbée, rhum - humans and resources

It is sometimes hard to understand how to navigate through recruitment processes. Where to start? How to apply? How to prepare? Pierre-Luc Labbée, President at rhum – humans and resources, will host a recruiter panel that will shed some light on the different job perspectives in the industry. From huge to smaller studios, VFX and […]

Animating Paddington 2

Categories: Animation Case Study , Premium session By: Carlos Monzon, Framestore

Slip on your duffle coat and help yourself to a generous spread of marmalade: Framestore is excited to present the work produced in our Montréal studio for Paddington 2. The studio reunited with Paul King and David Heyman to carve the story around the bear’s second (mis)adventure, which proves just as funny and heartwarming as […]

Animation Technics in Unreal Engine : Bringing your characters to life with realtime pupettering

Categories: Premium session , Real Time/AR/VR By: David Hurtubise, Epic Games

Epic Games’ technical account manager David Hurtubise will demonstrate live animation techniques developed for 3D productions such as Fortnite, Next Gen Digital Human Performance by Andy Serkis, Siren and Montreal’s own ICI Laflaque to bring characters to life with realtime virtual pupetteering. In this session you’ll learn the process from A to Z going from […]

Avengers: Infinity War – Making of Thanos

Categories: Keynote , VFX Case Study By: Phil Cramer, Digital Domain

Digital Domain’s Head of Animation showcases the making of Avengers: Infinity War. From initial concept to final shot production, Digital Domain helped bring Thanos to life in over 500 shots.   Phil will showcase the production process with a focus on animation. He will explain DD’s new facial pipeline which utilizes machine learning algorithms, as well as DD’s animViz process. […]

Binge Watch: How Streaming Content is Shaping our Industry

Categories: Keynote By: Kevin Baillie, Atomic Fiction and Conductor Technology

This entertainment industry is undergoing explosive growth like never before. Thanks to visionary newcomers such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple, visual effects and animation companies are beginning to experience a transformative level of demand. During this wide-reaching keynote presentation, Kevin Baillie, co-founder of visual effects studio Atomic Fiction and CEO of cloud rendering service Conductor […]

Black Panther: The Making of Wakanda’s Warrior Falls

Categories: Premium session , VFX Case Study By: Bryan Grill, VFX Supervisor Geoffrey Baumann, Overall VFX Supervisor

Bryan Grill, VFX Supervisor for Scanline VFX, will explore the journey of creating Warrior Falls in Black Panther’s mythical Wakanda. Bryan will explain the detailed process working with Geoffrey Baumann, Overall VFX Supervisor for Marvel Studios, and the challenges of building a 360 degree water fall environment, and seamlessly blending their simulations with the plate […]

Blade Runner 2049

Categories: Keynote , VFX By: Richard Hoover, Framestore

After collaborating on the award-winning feature Arrival, Framestore reunited with visionary director Denis Villeneuve for the 2017 academy-award winning science-fiction sequel Blade Runner 2049. Academy Award winner Richard Hoover for the visual effects on the film will discuss the visual artistry and tools that contributed to the film’s distinct look. In the spirit of Blade Runner […]

Carrying a technical vision between two industries

Categories: Premium session , VFX By: Pierre Blaizeau, Digital Dimension

The linear content production is shifting: Game engines are making their way into the film and TV industries. Many have called the shot, some have taken pro-active steps, few have already geared up. Either in seizing the opportunity from the video-game industry, widening the scope of an IP to create linear content or for the […]

Cinesite’s Star rigging: solutions, lessons learned and future development

Categories: Premium session , Technology By: Costantino Fracas, Cinesite Michael Cole, Cinesite

Cinesite’s lead rigger Michael Cole and rigging architect Costantino Fracas discuss the fast-paced production challenges they encountered creating the animation rigs for The Star. Learn how the team delivered more than 50 high quality rigs for a variety of animal characters using a closed setup, the lessons they learned and why they are developing a modular system […]

Creating Characters to Fulfill Their Journeys

Categories: Premium session , VFX By: Kymberly Dixon, Triple Helyx Creations

Kym Dixon is a movie-quoting film enthusiast! Jurassic Park was the pivotal film that lured her into the vivid world of animation and visual effects. Beginning with that profound moment, she embarked on a journey to bring to life the beings and worlds created through animation and computer-generated images that have so intrigued her since […]

Discovering the VFX of Star Trek

Categories: Expo Session , VFX Case Study By: Mahmoud Rahnama, Pixomondo

Like George Melies of old, visual effects artists today are magicians, creating illusions that leave audiences astonished and amazed. Especially when you’re dealing with a property as iconic as Star Trek, the bar for your visual effects magic is set incredibly high. How do you maintain a cinematic standard on a highly anticipated television series? […]

Diversity at work : what now?

Categories: Expo Session By: Pierre-Luc Labbée, rhum - humans and resources

In addition to the corporate policies and speeches from studio executives, what is the new frontier in diversity management? Racial, sexual, mental, physical or gender differences, how can we all make these groups shine and what support can we offer them? What does it mean in 2018? No taboos in this panel, let’s speak true […]

Finding your feet in VFX, from Runner to Asset Supervisor at Cinesite

Categories: Premium session , VFX By: James Stone, Cinesite

With VFX constantly evolving, there’s no such thing as a straight forward career path. With the industry covering a broad range of ever-changing skills and tools, it seems the career of a VFX artist can branch out in surprising directions. But how can you get started? Cinesite VFX Asset Supervisor James Stone will share his experiences and provide some practical advice on how to […]

Foundry and DNEG present: Skill Up with Nuke

Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Benjamin Ribière, DNEG Chris Wetherly, Foundry

Looking to improve your Nuke skills and get tips from the some of the industry’s best compositors? Join us at Effects Montreal for the Skill Up with Nuke Seminar, where industry experts will show you some of the skills and tricks you need to take your work to the next level. Whether you’ are a […]

From Scandinavia to United States, a conversation in Montréal with VFX experts

Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Benoit Touchette, MELS Dieter Ismagil, Skydance Television Greg Strasz, Centropolis Marco Shepherd, Centropolis Toke Rude Trangbaek, Postyr

For the 4th year, the Québec Film and Television Council will welcome a delegation of American producers during effects MTL and introduce them to Quebec’s visual effects industry. On this occasion, they will take part in a panel to share their experience. This conversation will be led by Benoit Touchette, Director of Visual Effects at […]

Game Engines for Film: Sizing Up the Fit

Categories: Premium session , Real Time/AR/VR By: Simon Inwood, Imaginary Spaces

Game engines are challenging the status quo of where and when things get done. Is ALL of your team ready for this kind of change? This technology brings a variety of new tools to content creation, editing and rendering but no two studios have the same needs. We’ll discuss various strategies for integrating game engine […]

Hyrum Osmond: His Character Arc in the Animation Industry

Categories: Creativity , Expo Session By: Adeline Grange, ON Animation Studios Hyrum Osmond, ON Animation Studios

The most memorable stories come from the most memorable characters. What about the story of the artists behind the character? Join Hyrum Osmond on his passion-driven journey in the realm of visual and emotional storytelling. With years of experience creating and developing some of the world’s most beloved films at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Hyrum […]


Categories: Premium session , VFX Case Study By: Joseph Kasparian, Hybride Technologies

Hybride skillfully crafted 248 visual effect shots for several different sequences for Director Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, which marked Hybride’s 3rd incursion into the Star Wars universe, and 14th collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic. Visual Effects Supervisor Joseph Kasparian discusses the studio’s most important contribution to the franchise thus far, and how Hybride’s […]

Making 360/VR & Location-Based Immersive Entertainment

Categories: Premium session , Real Time/AR/VR By: Bassil Silim-Jones, Phenomena

In this session, I will be discussing fundamental aspects of creating virtual reality (360) productions going through the various production phases. Development and writing, production, post-production, and Output. I will be covering these segments with key insight from two successful releases from 2017 that I directed for Universal Pictures. Fifty Shades Darker: A cinematic VR […]

Merging Motion Design, Interactive Multimedia, and VFX

Categories: Creativity , Premium session By: Arnaud Mellinger, Moment Factory François Hogue, Moment Factory

How can a Motion Graphics studio maintain its core identity while it also expands to create hybrid productions that blend interactivity, multimedia, and visual effects? In just three years, Moment Factory’s Content Department exploded from a dozen to nearly fifty artists. This presentation reveals the studio’s journey as it welcomed a multitude of collaborators into […]

Metal vs Meat: Animation Workflow on Pacific Rim Uprising

Categories: Premium session , VFX Case Study By: Aaron Gilman, DNEG

Aaron Gilman will dissect and analyse a Jaeger vs Jaeger fight sequence, focusing specifically on the story beats and creative progression of the fight choreography from previs to final.

Pixar – Renderman Group Software new functionalities

Categories: Expo Session , Technology By: Dylan Sisson, Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar’s Dylan Sisson will give a preview of the upcoming release of RenderMan 22, featuring advanced light transport, greatly improved interactivity for artists, and integration with Pixar’s USD (Universal Scene Description). Additionally for version 22, RenderMan for Maya has been completely rewritten and modernized, significantly enhancing the experience for artists with powerful new workflows. Dylan […]

Predictive Analytics, and its Impact on Cloud Rendering in VFX

Categories: Expo Session , Technology By: Mac Moore, Conductor Technologies

Cloud Rendering has finally become an economically viable production option, but how are we learning from the vast amounts of data being driven into the cloud, and its relative impact on schedules and budgets? Must each studio go at it alone and learn from months or even years of trial and error? And how do […]

Real time markerless stereo facial motion capture.

Categories: Expo Session , Technology By: Gaspard Breton, Dynamixyz

During this session, we deal with about real time facial analysis solving for RV and previsualisation applications. We talk about markerless vs marker based systems and what each system involves. We showcase a stereo system (two horizontal cameras) and highlight the benefits of accurate 3D when performing facial analysis, especially when dealing with lipsync. Demos […]

Replicating Rachael for Blade Runner 2049

Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Richard Clegg, MPC

MPC VFX Supervisor Richard Clegg will give a behind the scenes look at how his team lead from MPC Montreal, crossed the uncanny valley and created a photoreal human for Blade Runner 2049. Replicating Rachael was both a huge honour for MPC as well as an exciting technical and creative challenge. It took nearly a year to create […]

SHED – Creating High End Commercials Using Houdini

Categories: Expo Session , Technology By: SHED,

BEAR and FISH, two full-CG commercials in which SHED studio created highly detailed stylised animals and effects. The artists and directors will expose their Houdini workflow and tools, and discuss the ways they balanced art and technique to deliver two of the highest quality commercials seen last year. Q&A session will follow after the presentation.

Sherlock Gnomes: production challenges

Categories: Animation Case Study , Premium session By: Nicolas Bruchet, Mikros Image Animation

The conference will go through 3 challenges Mikros had to answer for the production of the Sherlock Gnomes show: the complexity of shooting foot tall characters in a human scale environment / an iterative and parallel process of fabrication / a studio infrastructure challenge to meet the production scale

Stranger Things 2: Outrunning the TV Beast

Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Seth Hill, Atomic Fiction

Follow VFX Supervisor Seth Hill deep into the Upside Down, as he discusses how taking clever creative approaches early-on in the process helped hack the complex episodic challenges facing the studio. Attendees can expect to hear behind the scenes anecdotes, in-depth discussion on the technical work, along with breakdowns of both the tools and techniques […]

The Creature Gets the Girl: Bringing The Amphibian Man to Life in The Shape of Water

Categories: Premium session , VFX Case Study By: Trey Harrell, Mr. X

A love letter to love and cinema, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water is an Academy Award-winning film for best picture at the Oscars 2018. It has been described as a “fairy tale for troubled times.” ” Seamlessly merging practical and digital effects, The Amphibian Man was the film’s romantic lead and the focus […]

The Secret Life of Peter Rabbit’s Animation Supervisor

Categories: Animation Case Study , Premium session By: SIMON PICKARD, Animal Logic

Join Simon Pickard as he burrows into the world of Peter Rabbit, from Director Will Gluck’s vision to the reality of delivering a live action/animation hybrid production by creatively engaging the Animation team who gave life to such believable performances. As Peter Rabbit’s Animation Supervisor, Simon had a unique view of both sides of this […]

The State of Effects with Autodesk & Scalar

Categories: Expo Session , Technology By: Chris Vienneau, Autodesk

Chris Vienneau, Director of Autodesk M&E, will give an update on the Autodesk M&E portfolio including Maya, Arnold and Shotgun. This session will speak to some of the recent advances that the Autodesk M&E team have made as well as give you a peak of things to come. If you are a 3d artist, a […]

The VFX of Hochelaga , Land of Souls

Categories: Expo Session , VFX Case Study By: Hugo Léveillé, MELS

Hochelaga , Land of Souls is one of the most ambitious movie from Quebec from the last years. Winner of the last Canadian screen awards for Best Visual Effects, this movie contains over 200 visual effect shots produced at MELS studios. For the football sequence, most of the shots required crowd duplication. We’ll see how […]

VFX Virtual Workstations in the Cloud

Categories: Expo Session , Technology By: Mike Owen, AWS Thinkbox

In 2018 we see that the Visual Effects industry is now truly embracing the power of cloud computing with enthusiasm. Over the last few years, facilities large and small have taken advantage of cloud compute elasticity and economies of scale to deliver projects on-time and under budget. Studios continue to develop more advanced hybrid (on-premises to cloud) […]

With PerBlue’s help, how we got world famous characters to get makeovers!

Categories: Premium session , Technology By: Abigail Rindo, PerBlue Jonathan Simard, Squeeze Studio Animation Nicolas Alexandre Noël, Squeeze Studio Animation Remi Larroque, Squeeze Studio Animation

Finding a fresh new look on world famous characters from well established brand is not an easy task. Maintaining the correct balance between the essence of the brands and our very own twist is key. Here is how we applied our special recipe to create the game’s cinematic trailer, positively surprising our client along the […]