Asterix – The Secret of the Magic Potion: Anatomy of a Gallic village

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room A Categories: Animation , Expo Session By: Clément Deltour, Mikros Animation

Immerse yourself in the heart of a Gallic village and explore the trade secrets of the feature film “Asterix – The Secret of the Magic Potion”, made at Mikros Animation Paris. Through the analysis of a sequence, the presentation will cover the following themes: – how to produce a 3D road movie – a new […]

Automatization: from challenges to solutions for an international VFX studio (sponsored by Foundry)

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Expo Session , Tech & Tools By: Remi Martin, DNEG Romain Bouvard, DNEG

DNEG Montreal’s 2D Compositing Supervisors, Romain Bouvard and Remi Martin, will approach one of the most important challenges within a global facility: how to develop automation that works well with multi-site workflows and how to build tooling for artists that lets them work in a distributed fashion. Through an exploration of practical examples used for […]


Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session , Panel By: Anne Le Bouyonnec, GSM Project Fabrice Vienne, Rodeo FX Fanny Berthiaume, Freelance Gabriel Giroux-Veilleux, Framestore Jasmina Vasquez-Carmel, Digital Dimension

Come discover and be inspired by the academic and professional background of Fabrice Vienne, CG supervior at Rodeo FX who participated in many movies such as Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Birdman and the tv show Games of thrones, of Fanny Berthiaume concept artist and illustrator who contributed in movies such as beauty and the best, X-Men: […]

Cherry on Top: The Art of Creature FX

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room A Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Russell Lloyd, Framestore

Creating believable characters today requires more than just skillful rigging and talented animation. A bit of flowing cloth, bouncing hair, or firing muscles adds that finishing touch to digital characters. Participants in this session will get an insider’s view of the tools, work flows, and techniques employed by Framestore Creaturefx artists. Like the cherry on […]

Creating the Ideal Learning Environment in the Workplace

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session , Panel By: Eric Labranche, Rodeo FX Carlos Miras Sepulveda, DNEG Fortunato Frattasio, Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects Andrew Schlussel, Framestore Jennifer Klotz, Technicolor

What is the biggest challenge for companies working in creative fields? Talent. Finding, developing, and retaining the best people in a host of highly specialised roles. What can be done to address this problem? Education, training, artistic development – all kinds of learning opportunities in the workplace. Artist and technicians want to improve in their […]

Lead greatly! How your leadership style can affect your company culture and efficiency.

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session , Panel By: Jennifer Fairweather, DNEG Lauren McCallum, Mill FIlm Pierre Blaizeau, Felix & Paul Studios Marie-Joëlle Charlebois, rhum Benoit Touchette, Mels - division effets visuels

Leading greatly: We will discuss how your leadership style and decision-making process can affect positively (or negatively), your team’s culture, motivation, retention and happiness. We will talk about how the way you are leading a team can directly affect the quality of the work delivered and the global company culture. All sessions

Mary Poppins Returns : The Magic Behind The Curtain

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room A Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Jeremie Lodomez, Framestore Frederikke Glick, Framestore

Framestore was the lead VFX company on Disney’s wonderful Mary Poppins Returns. Hear from the VFX experts who conjured the magic, working on scenes that took audiences under the ocean and above the London streets, as well as the iconic ‘dance hall’ sequence which saw traditional 2D animation intersect with cutting-edge modern technology.   All […]

Nuke Sneak Peek: What’s coming up in compositing and review from Foundry (sponsored)

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Expo Session , Tech & Tools By: Terry Riyasat, Foundry

Join Terry Riyasat, Foundry’s head of creative services, where he will give you a preview into some of the new features and updates of the upcoming Nuke 12.0 release. As well as a tantalising peek into the latest developments in Nuke and NukeX, you’ll also get to see what’s in store for our review tools: […]

RenderMan 22 | The Latest & Greatest from Pixar (Sponsored)

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room A Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Dylan Sisson, Pixar Animation Studios

Come see cutting-edge features for lighting and look development in the latest version of RenderMan 22. Pixar’s Dylan Sisson will show how these features are being used on Pixar’s feature films, including breakdowns from Toy Story 4. Learn about Pixar’s latest release, RenderMan 22.5, which includes the new RenderMan for Houdini plugin, a complete rewrite. […]

Shopify – All Together Now: How to Get Stuff Done

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room A Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session By: Mark Rigley, Shopify

Working together is what humans do. So why is it so hard sometimes? Especially when it’s a bunch of weird computer nerds and flaky designers? Some teams gel, some wish death on each other. Some projects are glorious, some hellish. Some leaders lift everyone around them, others step on necks. Mark will examine some of […]

The VFX of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room A Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Mathieu Assemat, MPC

CG Supervisor Mathieu Assemat will offer an insight into MPC Film’s work on Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Led by overall VFX Supervisor Max Wood and MPC VFX Supervisor Richard Clegg, MPC’s artist’s crafted more than 1000 shots for Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.” The scope of the work was wide-ranging, […]

Underlying Form–The Application of Classical Art Concepts to Animation

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room A Categories: Animation , Expo Session By: Chris Kirshbaum, Cinesite

This lecture will be about connecting the past with the future. Citing examples of classical art innovations (2 point and 3 point perspective, architectural structure, and greater understanding of anatomy, among others), I will do a demonstration on how the application of such concepts can help posing and performance in 3D character animation. I will […]

Walt Disney Animation Studios: Knowing More About Knowsmore

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room A Categories: Animation , Expo Session By: Jason Figliozzi, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Jason Figliozzi (Animation Supervisor) will share insights behind the character development of Knowsmore from Ralph Breaks the Internet. Take a look behind the scenes to see how he and the animation team combined hand drawn and CG elements to create this character’s unique animation style. All sessions

We need more women in VFX : An approach to encouraging Diversity in Film

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room B Categories: Expo Session , VFX By: Lauren McCallum, Mill FIlm

Lauren McCallum, Global MD at Mill Film, will present on the key actions businesses can take to increase their diversity and create an environment where the people behind the work look more and more like the people who consume it. All sessions

Your ticket into the VFX Industry – Become a Runner

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room B Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session , Panel By: Chris Lawrence, Framestore Lauren McCallum, Mill FIlm Genevieve Camilleri, Method Studios Mary Hayden, Method Studios Lilly Vogelesang, Method Studios

What led you to become a runner? What were your career goals at that time? Describe your experience as a runner. How long did it take for you to transition into another department? What advice do you for junior artists and people looking to join the industry? What value has being a runner given you […]