Buying tools : How to buy the right tools for the Pipeline

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room 2 Categories: Business and Production , Panel , Premium session By: Vincent Dedun, Method Studio Hasiel Alvarez, Rainmaker Studios Narendra Kumar Vadapalli, Bardel Entertainment Jacob Martinez, DNEG

As a pipeline TD, your responsibility is to make sure you anticipate the changes and integrate the right tools for your coming projects to run smoothly. In this panel, Experts from the Animation and VFX companies will exchange on this important issue and let us know everything about: Budgeting the evolution of your pipeline Benchmarking […]


Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session , Panel By: Anne Le Bouyonnec, GSM Project Fabrice Vienne, Rodeo FX Fanny Berthiaume, Freelance Gabriel Giroux-Veilleux, Framestore Jasmina Vasquez-Carmel, Digital Dimension

Come discover and be inspired by the academic and professional background of Fabrice Vienne, CG supervior at Rodeo FX who participated in many movies such as Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Birdman and the tv show Games of thrones, of Fanny Berthiaume concept artist and illustrator who contributed in movies such as beauty and the best, X-Men: […]

Creating the Ideal Learning Environment in the Workplace

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session , Panel By: Eric Labranche, Rodeo FX Carlos Miras Sepulveda, DNEG Fortunato Frattasio, Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects Andrew Schlussel, Framestore Jennifer Klotz, Technicolor

What is the biggest challenge for companies working in creative fields? Talent. Finding, developing, and retaining the best people in a host of highly specialised roles. What can be done to address this problem? Education, training, artistic development – all kinds of learning opportunities in the workplace. Artist and technicians want to improve in their […]

Lead greatly! How your leadership style can affect your company culture and efficiency.

Tuesday, June 4th

À Room B Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session , Panel By: Jennifer Fairweather, DNEG Lauren McCallum, Mill FIlm Pierre Blaizeau, Felix & Paul Studios Marie-Joëlle Charlebois, rhum Benoit Touchette, Mels - division effets visuels

Leading greatly: We will discuss how your leadership style and decision-making process can affect positively (or negatively), your team’s culture, motivation, retention and happiness. We will talk about how the way you are leading a team can directly affect the quality of the work delivered and the global company culture. All sessions

Your ticket into the VFX Industry – Become a Runner

Wednesday, June 5th

À Room B Categories: Career & Diversity , Expo Session , Panel By: Chris Lawrence, Framestore Lauren McCallum, Mill FIlm Genevieve Camilleri, Method Studios Mary Hayden, Method Studios Lilly Vogelesang, Method Studios

What led you to become a runner? What were your career goals at that time? Describe your experience as a runner. How long did it take for you to transition into another department? What advice do you for junior artists and people looking to join the industry? What value has being a runner given you […]