An avid lover of cinema and someone who was always fascinated by the finer details that made films magicalTamara made the jump from the financial banking world and into the amazing world of VFX. Never looking back, she hit the ground running earning her experience in the industry as a studio PA.
She discovered the melange of technical and creative skill that was needed to be a VFX  artist by sitting with her colleagues and friends and seeing them work their magic. This discovery motivated her to teach herself roto paint and through the wonderful guidance and support of her colleagues, she was able to transition into the role of Roto Paint Artist.

Tamara is currently a Roto Paint Artist at Scanline

Tamara Nowicki sessions

Your ticket into the VFX Industry - Become a Runner
Wednesday, June 5th

Ever wonder how to get your foot in the door at your dream studio? Ever wonder how to kick start your career with no experience? Join us for a panel, moderated by Natasia Schumacher, and hear from very talented individuals on one of the best ways to launch your career in VFX. All sessions