Update on Effects Montreal 2020 Amid the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic caught everyone off guard and gradually put an end to anything remotely social. As you are reading this, you might be working from home thinking when things will go back to normal. We, the team of Effects Montreal, are going through the same ordeal, and we relate to your frustration. We were working round the clock to commence the 5th Effects Montreal event this year, and we were in talks with a medley of high-profile companies and speakers in the VFX and animation industry. Our new strategy was laden with a myriad of new changes and exciting features that we couldn’t wait to share with you. Everything was going on according to the plan, and then Coronavirus happened, surprising all of us. At first, we were vigilant and determined to hold the event despite all the hurdles and obstacles the pandemic was throwing at us as the cessation of the event was the last thing we wanted. We were confident in delivering a memorable event worthy of the magnificent VFX and animation community of Canada. We did everything we could to make it happen but to no avail. Of course, we were not the only event on the verge of opening, so we asked others to weigh in, the consensus of whom was to postpone. We were in constant contact with BCTQ – one of the industry’s most prominent organizations – so we could make the best possible decision under the dire circumstances. Finally, upon much reflection and consideration, we decided to adjourn Effects Montreal 2020 for a few months.  A despondent but necessary decision. We want to present the finest of the industry to the VFX and animation community of Canada to show our appreciation. You deserve the best.

In the upcoming weeks, we will update you on the latest news as we wait for the right time to kick off Effects Montreal 2020.