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Bryan Grill has over 20 years of experience in the visual effects business, including 10 years as a VFX Supervisor. Bryan recently served as Scanline VFX Supervisor on Marvel’s Black Panther. The project continues his frequent collaboration with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other Scanline Marvel credits include The Avengers; Iron Man 3, for which he received a BAFTA nomination; and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, for which he received his 2nd Academy Award nomination.

Bryan’s other Scanline credits include the disaster epic San Andreas; Power Rangers, on which Scanline provided more than 300 shots, including the finale Goldar v Megazord battle; 2012 and Independence Day: Resurgence for director Roland Emmerich; and Hereafter for director Clint Eastwood, for which Bryan received his first Academy Award nomination, as well as a Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Motion Picture.

Les conférences de Bryan Grill

Black Panther: The Making of Wakanda's Warrior Falls

Bryan Grill, VFX Supervisor for Scanline VFX, will explore the journey of creating Warrior Falls in Black Panther’s mythical Wakanda. Bryan will explain the detailed process working with Geoffrey Baumann, Overall VFX Supervisor for Marvel Studios, and the challenges of building a 360 degree water fall environment, and seamlessly blending their simulations with the plate […]