speaker Micro Creating Characters to Fulfill Their Journeys
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Creating Characters to Fulfill Their Journeys Kym Dixon is a movie-quoting film enthusiast! Jurassic Park was the pivotal film that lured her into the vivid world of animation and visual effects. Beginning with that profound moment, she embarked on a journey to bring to life the beings and worlds created through animation and computer-generated images that have so intrigued her since childhood. After earning her BA degree in Directing and MFA in Producing Visual Effects and Animation, she spent time working within the Chinese Film Industry. Returning from China Kym was offered an opportunity to share her learned international producing skills with the Lucasfilm Animation Storyboard and layout team. She was enthralled to learn more about story and character development from Dave Filoni, who worked closely with George Lucas. Currently, Kym is growing her own creative production company, Triple Helyx Creations. Kym is excited to share the story telling and character-building principles and techniques she learned from her time inside the world of Lucasfilm and that she continues to apply to her own creations. Today’s lecture is about the following: • Creating Your Characters: Who are they and what is their story? • Character Mapping: What are your characters’ personalities like? • Visual Development: How will your characters’ look? You will learn how to vividly analyze every single fiber of your characters’ personalities and give them a total breakdown of how they will be perceived in their environments. Also, you’ll be able to give full descriptions and personal details of your characters. What ideologies and thought patterns influenced your antagonist by previous generations? We’ll be answering these kind of questions with the story-mapping process. Lastly, but certainly the best part about creating characters is determining what they will look like and what their preferred styles are. We will discuss how to plan and enhance your characters’ visual development step by step


Kymberly Dixon (Triple Helyx Creations)