speaker Micro VFX Virtual Workstations in the Cloud
Conférence Expo Technology

VFX Virtual Workstations in the Cloud In 2018 we see that the Visual Effects industry is now truly embracing the power of cloud computing with enthusiasm. Over the last few years, facilities large and small have taken advantage of cloud compute elasticity and economies of scale to deliver projects on-time and under budget. Studios continue to develop more advanced hybrid (on-premises to cloud) pipelines. However, what if you could short-circuit the challenges of data synchronization and all the headaches of maintaining a tax-credit sensitive 'capital expenditure’ physical footprint to operate your studio? Could you enable burst artists as easily as burst cloud compute? Could you hire the best talent, regardless of location, whilst only streaming secure pixels to an artist's desktop? This session will be an opportunity to hear from AWS and Thinkbox, an Amazon Company, as they present a technical schema of a working virtual workstation solution for VFX and graphics-intensive workloads hosted on Amazon Web Services.


Mike Owen (AWS Thinkbox)