Mike Owen is an experienced Solutions Architect at AWS Thinkbox with over 17 years’ experience, primarily working on visual effects architectures in the Media and Entertainment sector. His high-performance computing background helps clients make efficient use of AWS for compute and storage workloads. Previously, Mike was a customer and developer on Thinkbox’s flagship product, Deadline – a highly, distributed compute management platform. Mike spends much of his time working with customers, designing and implementing VFX architectures in AWS and road-mapping new features for future versions of Deadline and AWS services. Mike regularly presents at a number of events including NAB, Siggraph, IBC, AWS re:Invent and industry summits. Prior to AWS & Thinkbox, Mike was CTO, managing the pipeline, infrastructure and engineering teams at award winning automotive digital agency, Burrows, across its 4 offices. Mike has many years commercial VFX/IT experience, specializing in automotive visualization on behalf of the Ford Motor Company. Mike holds multiple awards for both creative and software development work.

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