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With more than 20 years in the visual effects industry, Nathalie has acquired significant experience as a Senior Compositor (Star Wars 3, Chronicles of Narnia, Happy Feet, Iron Man 1, Transformers, Harry Potter), and as a Compositing Supervisor at ILM on Transformers The Ride: Ultimate 3D Battle for Universal Studios Theme Parks – winner of a VES Award. Nathalie has many years of experience collaborating on outstanding and extensive visual effects shots. Today, she runs Cinesite’s 2D department in Montreal.

As a Compositing Supervisor and VFX Supervisor at Frima and Volta for several years, Nathalie has completed several VFX and Feature Animation projects during her prominent career. As a HOD for Compositing and Roto/Paint department, Nathalie has achieved significant new challenges in the past year: working closely with the department supervisors to optimize and improve workflows and tools, recruiting, bidding and training artists. Leading the Compositing and Roto/Paint team has driven her to success in the very fast growing industry of visual effects.

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Mercredi 5 juin

Au cours des cinq à dix dernières années, l’industrie des effets visuels a considérablement évolué. Des demandes sans cesse croissantes pour des visuels de haute qualité: que ce soit pour les films comprenant des effets visuels ou de l’animation, ainsi que pour les jeux vidéo avec des visuels de haute qualité qui sont en tête […]